Large harvest suggested as first foodstuffs exported

Alston, NCD, Oct 1 – The first batch of Siroccan foodstuffs has been exported to New Zealand as initial reports suggest a good harvest of fruits and vegetables this summer.

An estimated four to five kilograms of lemons were picked yesterday from a tree in the Alston domain yesterday and trucked to North Alston where they were left for customers. Of the eight bags of lemons made, half were sold.

The remaining lemons will be kept for later sale.

Yesterday’s harvest is the first of Sirocco’s extensive agricultural sector this year. It is expected that between now and March there will be large quantities of pears, plums, apples, lemons, oranges and grapes harvested, as well as the usual generous quantities of silverbeet and tomatoes frequently grown close to the city centre. There is also a possibility of some potatoes this year to add to the crop.

Agriculture is one of the major components of the Siroccan economy alongside manufacturing, tourism and graphic design.

Premier Anderson voiced his enthusiasm on the matter.

“It’s fantastic to see that Sirocco’s fruit and vegetable harvests have already begun in earnest. Despite the insistance of the community’s socialists that a free capitalist system cannot reliably produce large quantities of good, wholesome food, we are on track for a marvellous harvest this year.”

It is expected the harvest period will see food prices drop slightly and ease the budgeting strain some Siroccans are experiencing due to New Zealand’s slow-recovering economy.

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