Coles confirms date of move to Australia, dissolution of Jellicoe

Alston, NCD, Oct 28 – Vice-Premier Jesse Coles has confirmed the date of his departure to Australia, finally giving a date to the dissolution of Jellicoe province.

Coles confirmed a few days ago that his last day in the province will be November 21. His departure is expected the next day from Auckland.

It is believed that Jellicoe, and its capital, Rathlyn, will be dissolved on this date.

While no plans for the future of Jellicoe province have been set at this stage, it is expected a new province will be established by Coles to continue his Siroccan residency.

In a statement to the Times, Premier Daniel Anderson stated his sadness at Mr. Coles’ departure.

“We will not just be losing a great statesman from our fair shores to a nation far across the sea, we will also be losing a dear friend. His impact on Sirocco has not gone unnoticed, and I speak without hesitation to say that his contributions are still being felt to this day. But despite the distance, he will still be a vitally important part of Sirocco, and if he so wishes he is more than welcome to retain his position as Vice-Premier.”

Coles has served as Vice-Premier since November 4, 2010.

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