Lindström clarifies political leanings

NOT A COMMUNIST: Zealandian President Håkan Lindström has insisted that he is not a supporter of communism despite the insistance of others that he is.

Stepenavik, Zealandia, Nov 20 – Controversial Zealandian President Håkon Lindström has clarified his political leanings, rejecting the notion of his support of communism and placing his support with democratic socialism.

In an exclusive story to the Times, Lindström, macronationally a member of the Australian Labor Party and micronationally of Zealandian Alternative, party of Labour and Independence said earlier this evening that he is not a communist, but rather a “democratic socialist, or as some say a lefter social democrat” and that “the fact is socialism cannot work if the workers don’t want it.”

“I believe in workers running the businesses and factories but then they can utilise that in normal conditions.” Lindström stated. “I believe in a basic safety net and if a market goes into free fall stepping in and sorting things out. I believe in regulations and rules and a fair go for all and a helping hand where it is needed rather than a hand out.”

Lindström remained critical however of the current social democratic trend of liberalism and the third way, slamming it as “bad for working families and society’s disadvantaged”.

It remains to be seen how Lindström’s statement will affect Zealandian politics and what the wider micronational left will make of it.

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