Commonwealth Avenue: Why so sad, Barnaby?

You know, I thought The Eternal Principal was quite good.

It seems the one of the rules of entertainment is alive and well – you can’t please everyone.

While Prsänëa and Zealandia both enjoyed the show, it seems Senya did not. I decided that it is more civil to respond to his criticisms than blast him for daring to speak out against the show since after all, any publicity is good publicity.

Granted the introduction is a bit long, but it’s meant to resemble one of the long show introductions of the 1950s. I did mean to trim it back, but as the deadlines keep edging closer (and ultimately being delayed), I had no choice but to keep it. The Christmas Special which will follow later this month will have its own intro, but as for the rest of the season’s episodes I’ll try and cut it back somewhat. And as Hakon mentioned, the ’50s style of the show is also honouring the 1950s part of Siroccan culture. A view of micronationalism as a whole though it may be, it’s still Siroccan and it should at least act like it.

While you may think that it’s an anti-communist episode, it’s actually not. I like to keep Micro High as politically neutral as possible with regard to the community. The episode is actually meant to ‘poke the stick’ at North Korea and its Juice ideology (or is that Juche?), but it’s also honouring the fact that Molossia actually has a communist past to it. In no way is this an attack on the left of this community, it’s just good old “insult-as-many-people-as-possible” fun (no, not really) that aims to appeal to a broad viewer base. Admittedly we know not everyone will be satisfied, but that’s the way of entertainment. Even though the SBC is the state broadcaster and Sirocco is famous for hating the left, that’s one element of Siroccan culture that doesn’t make its way into the show. Occasionally you’ll hear someone sling off at capitalism, other times it’s communism. It’s just a reflection of the charged political atmosphere of our community.

Senya was not the main focus of this episode and as such is not very developed yet. However as the season progresses she will, as will several of the new characters, become more established and with her own character, just as the older St.Charlie, A1, Sirocco and Molossia have, amongst others. I am also not ruling out a Senya-centric episode sometime during this season, because I intend on having Senya seem a bit of an airhead, but one liked by her peers, and I reckon it will be fun finding out what sort of character path she takes. That said, if you want Senya removed from the show I’m sure the scriptwriters and I will find some way of writing her out.

Personally I believe that the numerous positive reviews (including one from a Microwikia user) speak for themselves. Micro High is still a success and after its long hiatus can still draw a crowd. The show shall go on.

Daniel Anderson

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