Rehabilitation for anti-revolutionaries in the former USLSSR?

Leestan, Lewisham, Dec 20 – A leading Lewishami politician has said that the former revolutionary Danny Harris should be exonerated of criminal charges, more than two years after he was driven from the USLSSR, reviled as a traitor to socialism and made the butt of jokes by influential social humorists in the era following his exit.

‘We have to rehabilitate those who were repressed and were accused on tenuous evidence, and Harris is the most prominent of these figures’ said Lev Hopton, who serves as a member of the People’s Chamber of the LDR. Exonerating Harris of the criminal charges put upon him for ‘counter-revolutionary activity’ would be another major step toward the rehabilitation of other early Soviet leaders who were, in effect, purged by the Communist Party in the months following the June Revolution.

Revoking the criminal charges against him would also continue the intensifying campaign to bring about more openness in the historical account of the early months of what has now become the Lewisham Democratic Republic. It is possible that such a move could lead to the re-examination of the role Harris played in the 2010 June Revolution, creating the culture which is still alive in Lewisham and bringing about the initial victory of the Communists through the establishment of the Leestani Soviet Socialist Republic.

After Whtimarsh’s seizure of power in June of 2010 his close political ally in the Politburo, Rory Cahill, defeated Harris in on a series of debates, forcing him out of the Communist Party by the end of the month and out of the USLSSR by August. After his removal from the CPUSLSSR, Harris was accused of leading an anti-Soviet plot which would have supposedly ended with him being crowned ‘King of South London’. Since the end of 2010 his existence as a human being has been called into question by both the Soviet and Lewishami governments in an attempt to further remove his image from the collective consciousness of the state.

Asked whether any of Harris’ ideas could be once again incorporated into the state ideology of Vitcashism and if Harris could ever return to the former USLSSR in any capacity, President Whitmarsh answered: ‘Personally I disagree with his sort of thought and presence in our society, however, in the interests of freedom of expression, I think that his ideas should be accessible to all. But I still believe that he should be denied the right to enter our nation.’

Hopton has said that exonerating Harris of charges and publishing his ideas would not be an endorsement of them; rather that it would be an opportunity to show up the flaws that plague his thoughts. The Military Revolutionary Committee on Monday also exonerated four individuals who, although no longer involved with Lewisham, were deemed to be deserving of a pardon in light of evidence recently uncovered when an old computer account was accessed, close to the spot where the June Revolution was sparked.

The Politburo of the Socialist Unity Party is expected to have met by the 23rd of December, with a view to taking the issue to the next Party Conference which will be taking place from December 30th 2012 till January 5th 2013. If all goes well for Harris, he can expect to have been reinstated as a member of the Socialist Unity Party, the party which succeeded the CPUSLSSR, by February of 2013.

Published by the Sirocco Times on behalf of the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the LDR.

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