Melburnian man threatens to take Sirocco to Privy Council, government baffled

Alston, NCD, Dec 21 – The Siroccan government has been left scratching its head after allegations by a Melbourne man that the nation has broken British Commonwealth laws despite not having any link with it.

Melburnian Lawrence Whiting has accused the government of illegally appointing Minister of Culture Elizabeth Pountney to her role in 2010 as she was “under age” and therefore in contravention of British law.

He went on to state that:

“You are a Commonwealth, and as you have stated you no specific law stating the age that a person may become a minister, as such the law of the Commonwealth stands, of which the highest court is Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council. I such cases ministers must be of voting age, that is 18 years of age at time of nominations to the electoral role. Maybe other ministers positions are also unconstitutional, which would make it easy for a foreign government, or a coup d’état, to overthrow your government as you would have little international support for an unconstitutional government.”

He also stated that Victorian territories were “dumped” in favour of South Africa, despite the fact that nearly a year had elapsed between the dissolution of Sirocco’s Australian territories and the annexation of Sirocco; that the commonwealth of provinces and dependencies makes Sirocco fall under the jurisdiction of the Privy Council.

He finally accused Premier Daniel Anderson of “walking away” from his responsibilities.

“Do you really think you can create a nations and then walk away and then not accept the responsibility that comes with it. This is not an “all care no responsibilities” situation. You have to stand up and be counted. Be responsible for your people. Lead the good fight. If your government is unconstitutional then you need to make it right. Pass new legislation that makes it constitutional, dissolve parliament and have fresh election. You need to get your [redacted] together bro.”

Premier Anderson has replied to Mr. Whiting several times by pointing out his (Whiting’s) inaccuracies and explaining how the Siroccan government works to no avail. He also called Mr. Whiting’s accusations “frankly ridiculous” and challenged him to take on other micronations with “under age” governments.

“Whoever this person is he clearly is not familiar with Sirocco or how it works.” Anderson said to the Times a short while ago. “Why he singled out Ms. Pountney for his attacks when we were by and large all under the age of 18 is beyond me. Most micronations have governments under 18 years of age, so why is he focusing on us? This man clearly holds some sort of grudge against our nation, but I am not ruling out the possibility this could be attributed to an anti-Siroccan micronationalist.”

Mr. Whiting had admitted he “care[s] little for Sirocco” and is “not confused but pedantic”. When this was raised by the Times, Anderson simply replied “so what’s the issue then?”.

Sirocco does not have any link with the British Crown or the British Commonwealth. As an independent micronational republic with its head of state and government as Premier, Mr. Whiting’s comments have struck the government as bizarre. Australia too has no legal link with Britain, meaning that Mr. Whiting could not actually take Sirocco to the Privy Council.

Ms. Pountney was not available for comment at the time of this article’s publication.

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