Zona crushes rival micronation, retakes land, province planned

Tre’wei, ZG, Jan 1 – It has been discovered that the Dominion of Zona has seized new land for Sirocco after going to war with a rival micronation and winning after its capitulation.

Details are sketchy at the moment but it is known that in early December 2012, a friend of Zonian Shogun Nicholas Woode-Smith’s sister founded a micronation and proceeded to steal citizens from the Zonian provinces. When the paramilitary force she leads declared war on him, he capitulated and the territory taken by the rival was reclaimed, with the addition of extra territory.

While only the Premier has the right to declare war, Premier Daniel Anderson and Woode-Smith have agreed to make it retroactively acceptable.

Plans are currently underway to document the new gains in territory under the name of Pairacardia, the name suspected to have been borne by the secessionists.

1 Comment on Zona crushes rival micronation, retakes land, province planned

  1. We are called Pyrocardia

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