Olympics renamed after IOC concerns

Sirocco 2013

A MICRONATIONAL AFFAIR: Sirocco 2013 will now bear the “Micronational Games” moniker.

Alston, NCD, Jan 29 – It has today been confirmed that the upcoming games to be held in Sirocco will not bear the Olympics name.

In breaking with tradition, the 2013 games will be known as the “Micronational Games”, in response to concerns that the International Olympic Committee may take legal action against Sirocco for use of the Olympic Name.

Co-ordinator and Premier Daniel Anderson confirmed today that “in order to distinguish ourselves from the macronational Olympic games, we have opted to identify next month’s event as a strictly micronational affair with no links to the International Olympic Committee.”

The “Micronational Olympics” have been held since 2000, and will next month be held in a MicroWiki state for the second time.

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