Rathlyn rises to capital

Rathlyn, HB, Feb 24 – Rathlyn has today become Sirocco’s third capital in five days, succeeding Havilland, Wellesley which held the title for only five days.

As per the Transition of Capital Act 2013, the relatively new city was today proclaimed as the nation’s new capital as of 9am NZDT (10pm Sat 23 SAST) this morning.

Premier Daniel Anderson arrived in the city just before 10am, and throughout the day work has been put into the establishment of national government.

Speaking to the Times earlier today, Anderson voiced his optimism for the coming year in Rathlyn.

“We have here a great city in the middle of Auckland that will be unquestionably suitable for the managing of this nation. Rathlyn is a wonderful city and I look forward to the time to be spent here. It will be a good year.”

Siroccan law dictates that the capital must be located wherever the Premier’s permanent residence is. Until Wednesday this was Alston, followed by Havilland from Wednesday afternoon to this morning.

The Premier is said to be especially pleased with his view along Auckland’s famous Grafton Bridge.

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