Premier meets with National MPs, conservative youth

English: Club stalls during orientation week a...

YOUNG BLOOD: National has a regular presence each year at university orientations throughout New Zealand, such as this example at the University of Auckland in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rathlyn, HB, Mar 8 – Premier Daniel Anderson this evening met with members of the National Party of New Zealand and members of the Young Nats, the party’s youth wing, in a bar in central Auckland.

The organisation held the event at the Atticus bar in Fort Street to mark the end of university orientation and to welcome new members, of which Anderson is one, into the organisation.

Anderson was introduced to the leader of the Young Nats and several prominent people within the organisation, as well as other members and one Member of Parliament.

He admitted that as a result of the bar’s poor lighting, loud music and background noise, he was unable to catch the name of the MP, although it is believed that it was Paul Goldsmith, List MP for Tamaki.

One or two other MPs were present for a time, although Anderson did not meet them.

National Prime Minister John Key was not able to attend the event due to his current tour of Latin America, although it is understood he will be present at a National barbecue in Auckland’s Mission Bay next weekend.

Speaking to the Times shortly after his arrival back in Rathlyn at around half-past nine this evening, Anderson said that it was “good to get some civilised political discussion without the mindless ramblings of socialistic airbags for once”.

“The turnout tonight may have been somewhere between 20 and 35 people but it was an enjoyable evening nevertheless. It is excellent to see that the younger generation of voters is seeing the sense of right-wing government and is actively taking a part in ensuring New Zealand is in good hands in the years to come.”

606 people from the University of Auckland joined the Young Nats this week, nearly half of over 1500 university students who took the opportunity to join the organisation.

2 Comments on Premier meets with National MPs, conservative youth

  1. King Quentin I of Wyvern // Saturday, 9 March 2013 at 4:02 AM // Reply

    It’s good to hear about so many God-fearing conservatives with hearts for their nation.

  2. New Zealand is doomed ><

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