Drought declared in northeast as Garden reduced to trickle

Rathlyn, HB, Mar 9 – Just three days after a water advisory was issued for Sirocco’s eastern provinces, a drought has formally been declared in the nation’s northeastern provinces following the discovery of an almost dried-up Garden River.

Alston’s main waterway was this morning confirmed as having been reduced to a trickle from its source in the Tent Pegs through to the mouth between Islington and Snell Cliffs.

The usually fast-running Garden Rapids are now a slow obstacle in the way of what water is left.

A drought was declared at 12:35pm NZDT this afternoon in Rathlyn. While the capital itself is not affected at this stage, a formal drought has been issued for the provinces of Bolton, Cambria, Falkirk, Halvorson, Jellicoe and Trafalgar and the Castor, Gillies Island, Mill Bay and Muldoon dependencies.

The government has not ruled out declaring a drought for the entire east.

Rainfall across Northland for this time of year has followed most of New Zealand in being far below average. This past summer was recorded as Auckland’s second-driest in fifty years, and there is no relief expected until at least next week.

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