Concerns growing over state of Palasian government, scandal abounds

Renford, Palasia, Apr 4 – Notoriously changeable Palasia has again been rocked by instability, with an anonymous source informing the Times of many problems and corruption claims within the small Norfolk state.

The anonymous source stated that Palasia does not have a monarchy but is instead presided over by President John Gordon in the form of a Military Commission. There have been growing concerns in the country as Mr.Gordon has appeared to be losing touch with the state.

The source also mentioned a ‘grow’ operation similar to that of Kozuc’s, albeit on a significantly smaller scale.

In addition to this, it has come to light that the President has also been “paying off” some several former Palasian citizens to keep quiet about the operation and other problems citing corruption within the nation.

There has also been a two-month rebellion in the Northern Woodland area of Palasia which has resulted in an extremely underequipped, non-disciplined and untrained military. The North half was momentarily in rebel control until the Palasian military launched a counter-offensive to gain back the strategic territory resulting in a month long conflict.

The source, who has close links with the President and wishes to remain anonymous, has stated that there are a multitude of problems in addition to these.

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