Plight of pro-Sirocco Sabioveronese dissident reaches Rathlyn

DISSIDENT: Sabioveronese conservative Hans Starlynn yesterday slammed Juclandian socialism and praised Siroccan measures against Communism.

Rathlyn, HB, May 2 – An outspoken Sabioveronese dissident has slammed Juclandian socialism and has voiced his support for Sirocco’s anti-communist measures in a strange twist on the near-constant ideological battles in the MicroWiki community.

News broke early this morning in the Siv Photograph, Sabia and Verona’s predominant news source, of plush toy Hans Starlynn’s vocal opposition to May Day celebrations in the Sabioveronese city of Salisse.

Starlynn reportedly came to attention by shouting anti-Juclandian and anti-socialist statements to a crowd in the municipality of Caenia, widely viewed as the centre of Sabioveronese conservatism.

The Phonograph reported Starlynn as shouting such statements as “Juclandia and its socialists have betrayed us” and “things like this wouldn’t happen in Sirocco”.

A cellphone video sent to the Times a few hours ago appears to show Starlynn producing a large photograph of socialist leader Napoleon Bleuberrie and proceeding to tear it into quarters before lighting the papers on fire.

Member of the conservative Unity Party and local politician Ann Stefanović slammed Starlynn as a “disgrace to the blue party”, while Starlynn’s brothers Wilhelm and Gerhardt claimed excessive alcohol consumption to be the cause of his outburst.

Siroccan Premier and leader of the conservative Federal Party Daniel Anderson has lauded Starlynn’s actions and dismissed any criticism levelled at him for his protest yesterday.

“What the drunk mouth says is what the sober mind thinks. This is obviously not the random outburst of a drinking session, this is a clearly thought-out and obviously long-standing opposition to the prevalence of socialism, in particular the Juclandian, in Sabia and Verona.”

“The Siroccan Federal Party strongly applauds Mr. Starlynn’s actions in resisting the wave of socialism that has enveloped so many micronations. It is rare to hear of a conservative backlash against socialism – it is usually the other way around.”

“It is unfortunate to be informed that Mr. Starlynn has been charged with public disturbance while freely voicing his political opinion. The Siroccan government shall be looking into this matter further to see if there is any assistance we can give Mr. Starlynn and any of his ideological allies in the struggle against socialism.”

When asked his opinion on the report from Starlynn’s ex-wife Rosie that he [Starlynn] had kept a large portrait of Anderson in his living room, the Premier replied that he was “flattered that someone would go to such lengths to support our stand against the left.” He later added that he hoped it was “a decent picture”.

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