Polls show mix of support for Anderson, Woode-Smith

Rathlyn, HB, May 3 – Polls conducted over the previous few days have shown international support for continued Federal leadership in Sirocco over the Libertarian opposition, however it has transpired that it is not all smooth sailing for Premier Daniel Anderson.

A poll introduced by the Times on Tuesday in the popular micronational Facebook group MicroGroup asked respondents whether they favoured the conservative Federal Party led by Anderson or the opposing Libertarian Party led by opposition leader Nicholas Woode-Smith.

58% of respondents (seven voters) chose Federal, while the remaining 42% (five voters) chose Libertarian.

Anderson declined to vote on the poll to lessen the chance of distorted statistics, however Woode-Smith put forward a vote for Libertarian.

Meanwhile, a poll put forward by Bradley of Dullahan on Wednesday showed more competition for the right in the community.

When asked who their preferred “Right-winger” was from a selection of five candidates, Woode-Smith managed to edge out Anderson with a one-vote victory (46%-36%).

Bradley and Lostislandic politician Deniz of Pavlov were tied with one vote (9%) each, while Saxon Emperor Sean Anderson received no votes.

Suggestions have been raised that respondents favoured Federal due to its stable period of governance and its development of Sirocco over the last thirty months, coupled with its capitalisation upon widespread distrust against the socialist policies in most micronations in the community. Internationally he is seen by some as more level-headed than the vocal Bradley and as following more sensible policies than Woode-Smith.

Woode-Smith, while favoured by libertarian-minded respondents, is seen by some as somewhat extreme on the Siroccan political spectrum. His popularity internationally, however, is suspected to originate from a perspective that he is the lesser of two evils in the political sphere of Sirocco, if merely from his somewhat quieter stand against socialism in the community.

Bradley’s low vote has been attributed to his seemingly extremist views on a variety of subjects, while that of Deniz’s has been linked to his relatively low influence on the community.

Sean Anderson’s has been linked to his almost non-existent presence in the community.

Sirocco is notable for having a government and opposition made up of solely right-wing parties, although their views on some matters differ.

Premier Anderson commented to the Times that “Federal is evidently the more highly-supported of the two, and we shall continue to lead onward to a greater Sirocco.”

Woode-Smith was unavailable for comment.

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