SBC begins radio service

Studio radio

SOUNDS: The SBC today began radio broadcasting, meeting an objective set in late 2010. (Photo credit: Mags)

Alston, CA, Jul 5 – Radio broadcasting has officially begun in Sirocco with the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation making its debut broadcast this morning.

SBC National Radio began broadcasting at 11:25am NZST this morning, beginning with a test of Seeburg music and a rendition of Leroy Anderson’s Typewriter.

Technical issues were encountered almost immediately with a lack of sound for over an hour, and when the sound issue was finally remedied, it was realised that songs were cutting short and repeating themselves.

The fault was soon identified and fixed, and the station officially opened with Neil Diamond’s I Am, I Said at 12:44pm.

The station broadcast a range of songs, predominantly from the 1960s and 1970s and with the addition of several Seeburg songs, until it signed off at 2:15pm with Reg Owen’s Manhattan Spiritual.

Premier Daniel Anderson, who gave the inaugural broadcast, said to the Times shortly after signing off, said of the occasion that it is “a momentous step forward for Siroccan media, and now our culture can reach more areas of the globe and give people a greater understanding of Sirocco and its people.”

Anderson has confirmed a second broadcast this evening for European and North American listeners.

The SBC had been searching for a platform with which to set up a radio station since October 2010, but no online services met the corporation’s requirements. The Caster platform was recommended by Juclandian King Ciprian, with its national radio broadcaster established on its site.

The station is broadcast through Caster by utilising audio program Winamp and its Edcast plugin.

The inaugural broadcast comes at the same time as St.Charlie establishes its own live radio service, moving on from its YouTube-based service from 2010. Politician Alexander Reinhardt ran two test broadcasts yesterday New Zealand time and one at 10am this morning, which prompted a discussion on radio services and led to the SBC’s adoption of Caster. Radio St.Charlie hopes to establish a regular radio service, which has received enthusiastic responses from members of the community.

SBC National Radio can be listened to here.

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