SBC announces end of Micro High

ENDING: The SBC's massively popular series will be ending after Xtranormal announced it would be shutting down.

ENDING: The SBC’s massively popular series will be ending after Xtranormal announced it would be shutting down.

Rathlyn, HB, Jul 24 – The Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation has this evening confirmed it will be ending its popular cartoon series Micro High in light of Xtranormal’s announcement it will be closing down.

Animation website Xtranormal, which is used to produce the series, has confirmed it will be closing down at the end of this month, stating that it is “exploring options for…the future”. As a result the site will be ending its animation services, leaving the SBC without a means of producing the show.

In a statement issued by the SBC this evening, the corporation voiced its “great disappointment” and apologised to the show’s fans around the world.

“Fern Tree Studios and the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation are both greatly disappointed in the news that Xtranormal will be closing down.” the statement read. “Micro High is a well-loved show and it is a great shame that we will no longer be able to produce it. We would like to give our sincere apologies to the show’s fans and we hope that as soon as Xtranormal is operative again, we can resume the show’s production, if that is indeed possible.”

The show has this year been dogged with production delays, with the last episode airing in late December last year. One episode, chiefly written by Zealandian King Hakon Lindstrom, is due to air within the next week.

Fern Tree Studios, the show’s animators, have confirmed they will use the next week to produce “as many episodes as possible” before Xtranormal closes down. The SBC has also said it will aim to broadcast those episodes at the rate of one a week.

Two episodes, including the Lindstrom episode, have been confirmed, with Fern Tree hinting at a possible third episode if time allows.

Neither have confirmed how the show will end.

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