Zealandia to open corruption inquiry

Elections 2012 at Ricoh Arena

FRAUD: Zealandia is to open a commission of inquiry into the extent of official corruption between 2010 and 2013. (Photo credit: Coventry City Council)

Rathlyn, HB, Aug 1 – Zealandia is set to open a Royal Commission into accusations of corruption stretching back several years.

Details are scarce at this stage, but it is understood that Zealandian leader Håkon Lindström this evening announced a commission of inquiry is to investigate allegations of corruption levelled at crown officials between 2010 and 2013.

Politician Joseph Puglisi, among others, is one of the accused.

Lindström also admitted this evening that Premier Daniel Anderson should have won the 2011 election but was unable to do so due to “legal proxies” implemented to ensure a constant left majority in Parliament.

The commission will also investigate the legality of the proxy vote system as a result of Lindström’s admission.

Lindström has previously confirmed he was at least partly responsible for vote rigging in the 2011 election, the aftermath of which saw the defeated Reform party headed by Anderson essentially destroyed.

Anderson was removed from Parliament just over a week later, the official reason given being “mental illness”, while political differences were proven to be the reason for the removal. Anderson retaliated by renouncing his Zealandian citizenship, and relations between Sirocco and Zealandia soured and remained poor for some time afterward.

Anderson spoke to the Times this evening on his optimism for the inquiry.

“It’s about time this inquiry was held. Zealandia has a reputation for shoddy and unfair governance, and at last the man responsible for it all has owned up and decided to sort it out.”

When asked if he thought the inquiry would make any difference, he replied that he did not, given the time that has passed.

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  1. As Joseph Puglisi is an Overseas citizen of the Kingdom, he shall receive the full protection of Juclandia if any charge would be brought against him.

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