400 visit Rathlyn for national exposition

Rathlyn, HB, Sep 1 – More than 400 people flocked to Rathlyn yesterday to explore the nation’s capital and take in Siroccan culture during the Rathlyn National Exposition of Sirocco.

The Exposition, held to celebrate the first anniversary of Hobson province, allowed people from as far afield as Christchurch to visit Rathlyn, learn about the Siroccan way of life and explore the capital.

The Exposition was also held at the same time as the annual open day for the University of Auckland, which attracts upwards of 10,000 visitors.

Premier Daniel Anderson partook in giving guided tours of the province, alongside other guides. Rathlyn’s parks, infrastructure and views were the major attractions, with many who visited impressed with what the city has to offer.

Free food and drink enhanced the event, with the sausage sizzle at one stage running out of bread for around 15 minutes.

Weather throughout the day was pleasant with consistent sunshine, however a cold spell currently resting over Auckland meant that warm coats were the order of the day.

While the exact visitor numbers are as yet unknown, the more than 400 visitors set a new record for the province, beating the previous record of 350 set in 2012.

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