Tierney retires from micronationalism, cites fighting, pettiness as causes

RETIRED: Renasian leader and community veteran Jacob Tierney (pictured here in 2011) has announced his retirement from micronationalism in reaction to the modern community.

Rathlyn, HB, Oct 27 – Renasian leader and MicroWiki veteran Jacob Tierney has today announced he will be withdrawing from micronationalism in order to focus on other interests.

Tierney broke the news in the MicroGroup Facebook group earlier today, and also removed himself from the micronational Skype rooms he was part of.

Speaking to the Times earlier this afternoon, he said he was “tired of pretty much…all of it.”, citing “The fighting, the pettiness, the pedantry and the utter futility of 99% of what occurs on a daily basis.”

He confirmed he will be stepping down from the Renasian leadership in favour of Gishabruni Kuri Kabanov, and will also be renouncing his citizenship. He will, however, continue to stay abreast of happenings in the community.

When asked what his plans are for life after micronationalism, he said he is to focus on his writings “on the interplay between psychedelics, spirituality and religion.”

Premier Daniel Anderson paid tribute to Tierney at a press conference in Rathlyn a short time ago.

“Jacob Tierney is a wonderful person to know, and his wisdom and wit will go down in the community’s history. Another of our great colleagues has decided to step down, and while it is a tremendous shame, I wish him all the very best of luck for the future.”

Tierney was one of the first members of the “modern” MicroWiki to arrive on the site, in September 2008. An ever-present figure, he founded Scientopia, which later became Renasia, and went on to stamp his name onto the fabric of the community by creating the Grand Unified Micronational, of which he was Chairman four times, and up until today the Supreme Judge.

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