Sirocco to lose four Superministries, gain sixteen small ones

NEW MINISTRIES: Utilities is one of the new ministries to be created following the splitting of Sirocco’s four “superministries”.

Rathlyn, HB, Nov 10 – Sirocco’s four ‘Superministries’ are to be split into sixteen smaller ministries, the Premier has today announced.

In a press conference in Rathlyn this afternoon, Premier Daniel Anderson announced that the Ministries of Access, Commonwealth, Culture, and National Services are to be divided and focused on more specific areas of governance.

“The sixteen ministries which will replace the four currently operating will allow the government to more effectively manage the country as well as speed governance up.” Anderson said. “Ministries will no longer be ‘broad churches’ managing areas of no relevance to each other. Instead, compatible departments will be linked together in a common ministry.”

The sixteen ministries (detailed below) will comprise of departments, of which there are a total of forty-four. These departments will be responsible for carrying out tasks such as internet maintenance and customs, while the ministries will co-ordinate the goings-on of each department.

Most departments and ministries are new, either formed from the responsibilities of the current ministries, such as Foreign Affairs, or created without predecessor, such as Gay and Lesbian Affairs.

The Ministry of Culture will be the only ministry to be retained, with Access, Commonwealth and National Services to be separated.

The four current ministers are to be assigned to new ministries fairly similar to their current ones.

Daniel Anderson will hold four ministries; Jesse Coles, Chanelle Gibson and Elizabeth Pountney will hold three apiece; Scooter Anderson will hold two and Maxie Anderson will hold one.

Maxie and Scooter Anderson are both to pick up ministries, the first time animals have held government positions in Sirocco.

The new ministries are expected to be created this coming weekend.


Animals: Maxie Anderson

Commonwealth: Jesse Coles
Departments of Commonwealth Affairs, Weymouth Affairs, Zonian Affairs.

Communications: Daniel Anderson
Departments of Broadcasting, Film and Broadcasting Classification, Literature and Print Classification, Publications.

Culture: Elizabeth Pountney
Departments of Culture, Siroccan Language, Sport and Recreation.

Defence: Scooter Anderson
Departments of Civil Defence, Defence.

Enterprise: Jesse Coles
Departments of Agriculture, Industry, Postage, Resources, Science.

Environment: Chanelle Gibson

Finance: Jesse Coles
Departments of Economy, Finance, Welfare.

Foreign Affairs: Daniel Anderson
Departments of Foreign Affairs, International Development and Assistance, Macronational Relations.

Gay and Lesbian Affairs: Elizabeth Pountney

Health and Education: Chanelle Gibson
Departments of Education, Health.

Justice: Scooter Anderson
Departments of Justice, Public Safety

National Affairs: Chanelle Gibson
Departments of Customs and Immigration, Internal Affairs, Land Information, Meteorology.

Tourism: Daniel Anderson

Transportation: Daniel Anderson
Departments of Aerospace, Maritime, Railways, Roads and Highways, Signage.

Utilities: Elizabeth Pountney
Departments of Electricity, Internet, Sanitation, Water.

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