ISR conducts Minecraft bomb tests


EXPLOSIVE: The game Minecraft (ISR-A map not depicted) has been utilised for bomb testing by the Institute of Scientific Research. (Photo credit: Dark Liquid)

Rathlyn, HB, Nov 13 – The Institute of Scientific Research (ISR) has confirmed it has begun conducting tests on the popular computer game Minecraft in order to determine the strength and usability of conventional TNT weapons.

Tests began last night on the ISR-A map with small parcels of TNT at first, followed by larger and more complex detonations, in a move to understand the power of the game’s TNT blocks and the best uses and methods for explosives.

Some detonations were built to replicate the power of an atomic bomb, although as yet damage has been restricted to a fairly confined area.

Experiments with Redstone equipment and differing layouts produced results that the ISR deemed “pleasing”.

In a statement from the ISR this morning, the tests were deemed “successful in granting us an insight into how TNT can be strategically used for large-scale earthworks and mining within the Minecraft environment, and how explosives can be used to protect areas against hostile mobs, such as Creepers and Communists.”

Minecraft has gained a small following in Sirocco, with two main maps, the city of Seeburg and the mining town of Coalbrook, having been constructed since the game arrived in Sirocco in September last year.

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