Axe falls on Zealandian PM and MP

Rathlyn, HB, Nov 14 – Following a meltdown in the Zealandian government this week, Zealandia’s royal court has confirmed it has stripped the titles, offices, and citizenship of its Prime Minister and a Member of Parliament.

The move comes after a two-week-long dispute that reached its peak between Monday and Wednesday, in which the former Prime Minister, one Tala Tiptree, and an MP, Daniel Sjø-Otter, verbally attacked King Håkon and demanded access to private documents to which they were not entitled to view.

The dispute is believed to have begun when Sjø-Otter’s girlfriend was asked to stop publically exhibiting herself in the capital.

Reports also indicate the two had disputed the price local resident fees and demanded a lower price, despite the refusal of authorities to allow it.

Sjø-Otter is also said to have acted in a suspicious manner toward Wing Commander Amanda Lindström.

Zealandia is currently running on emergency funding with almost every available Kronor going towards keeping the capital running in light of this latest crisis.

In a statement released early this morning, Håkon said that Tiptree’s position had become “untenable”, citing irreconcilable differences between the two.

Differences in opinion regarding “her constitutional duties and opinions between the crown authorities” were also mentioned.

Tiptree is expected to be removed from the ruling Zealandian Alternative party by party officials later this week.

Sjø-Otter shortly joined Tiptree in the royal court’s sights, with his expulsion from government and the country occurring for the same reasons, but with the notable addition of accusation of treason, which Håkon has declined to prosecute.

Both Tiptree and Sjø-Otter’s revocation of citizenship and application of persona non gratis status means both are prohibited from re-entering Zealandia without the express permission of Håkon himself.

Wing Commander Lindström has replaced Tiptree as Acting Prime Minister, with Elsie Nyqvist taking on the roles of Deputy Prime Minister and Internal Affairs Minister, Dani Samiday as Culture minister, and Håakon taking the Foreign, State Security and Society ministries.

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