North East defences bolstered against Christmas attacks

Kent, TF, Dec 23 – Sirocco’s northeastern provinces have had their defences strengthened for the Christmas-New Year break in a move designed to counter any hostile attack, the government said late last evening.

The Siroccan Defence Forces moved into locations across the northeast yesterday, with Alston, Kent and Kenbank receiving the bulk of the reinforcement.

In a press conference, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said the move was to ward off any possible Communist activities against the Siroccan state’s core land holdings by using numbers to its advantage.

“Defending our country and our people against Communism is our primary objective,” the spokesperson said to media. “The Siroccan Defence Forces will therefore be boosting our defences in our core provinces to ensure that no evil Communist plotting may come to fruition.”

“Siroccans will be able to sit down to their Christmas dinners safe in the knowledge that our boys and girls out there are holding the front, and that the year 2014 will enter our nation free and unmolested by the evils of Communism.”

When questioned if Zona would be receiving additional troops, the spokesperson replied that Zonian defences were already “above sufficient”, and that the northeast was being strengthened to meet the levels of Sirocco’s westernmost provinces.

The spokesperson would not confirm questions that the deployment was carried out as a show of might against fellow micronation Lostisland, who has interests in the area, but insiders suggest that the boosting of defences in the northeast was a warning against Lostisland in the event it decided to attack Siroccan territory.

Lostisland has proved something of a thorn in Sirocco’s side in the past year, with the government monitoring Lostisland’s activities to ensure Sirocco’s national safety.

No timetable has been set for defences to return to their normal levels, although the Ministry confirmed it would be within the opening days of January next year.

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