Eastwood retains office, Mejakhansk refuses to stay silent

VICTORIOUS: Socialist Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood has claimed the rare honour of re-election from National opponent Marka Mejakhansk. (Picture courtesy St.Charlian Observer)

New Branson, St.Charlie, Jan 7 – St.Charlie will continue to have Socialist governance following the results of the nation’s general elections, which saw National opposition leader Marka Mejakhansk fail to unseat incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood.

The Socialist government was able to comfortably retain power, seeing off National contenders with a 58% majority of votes cast.

Voters in Atlantis and Caroline Charlotte ensured those Federations stayed red.

National gained just 42% of the vote, but was able to hold onto the Federations of Greater Ridgeway, New Branson and Koss and wrest control of Tor Pendente from the Socialists.

Eastwood thanked all his supporters, and said he looked forward to working with the Nationalists in the coming year.

Mejakhansk warned that the year would not be easy for the Socialists, with the Nationalists planning on putting forward a strong opposition for 2014.

“[while] the New Socialist Party has won the election […] the National Party will not sit idle”, Mejakhansk said in a speech to the General Assembly and assembled Nationalists.

Congratulatory messages have flooded in from across St.Charlie and the community, with Siroccan Premier Daniel Anderson saying that he wishes “the best of luck to Eastwood in his second term”, and congratulating the Nationalists on “a hard campaign, and while it did not result in your election, you have our greatest support for your effort in 2015.”

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