Kinross and Watchman Island become Sirocco’s newest provinces

BIG ISLAND: Watchman Island, Sirocco’s oldest dependency, has today been granted Provincial status alongside newcomer Kinross. (Photo courtesy Phillip Wong)

Alston, CA, Feb 5 – Sirocco has today bumped its provincial count to fourteen with the elevation of the Watchman Island Dependency and the annexation of the new province of Kinross.

The Premier made the announcement shortly after midday today in a press conference in Alston.

“I am pleased to announce that Sirocco has grown to encompass fourteen provinces today, with the annexation of the new province of Kinross and the elevation of

Kinross brings to Sirocco the city of Bradford, which will replace Alston as the national capital on February 16, although this date is subject to slight changes that may push the actual date to the February 17 or 18.

Kinross follows in the tradition of naming provinces after streets in Auckland by adopting the name of Kinross Street, located in the suburbs of Green Bay and Blockhouse Bay, and which has been noted as having “special significance” to Siroccan culture with the presence of rare power poles and road signs.

The region of Hobson-Watchman will be renamed Kinross-Watchman to reflect the change from Rathlyn, which served as capital last year, to Bradford.

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