Premier opens Bradford and Kinross

BACK AGAIN: Sirocco has returned to the city of Auckland with its new city of Bradford.

BACK AGAIN: Sirocco has returned to the city of Auckland with its new city of Bradford.

Bradford, KR, Feb 16 – Sirocco has today adopted its fourth capital in one year after Premier Daniel Anderson formally opened Bradford for business this afternoon.

Anderson departed from Alston at around 8am Eastern Time this morning, arriving in Bradford shortly before 12:30pm this afternoon.

Bradford was formally proclaimed the capital by Anderson at 12:34pm, taking effect one minute later.

This marks a change from last year’s capital shifts, where Havilland, Rathlyn and Alston all became capital while Anderson was en route to those cities.

Anderson said to journalists from the Times and the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) that he was “optimistic” for the nation under its new capital.

“What we have here is a blank slate to work upon. The nation will no doubt benefit enormously from Bradford and greater Kinross, and I have every hope that 2014 will be remembered as a year of progress for Sirocco.”

The SBC has confirmed that it will begin radio transmissions on Tuesday on the 57.6 MHz frequency, with testing scheduled to take place on Monday. No date was given for the commencement of television broadcasts, however a spokesperson for the Corporation said it would most likely be “sometime in March”.

National Post and Telegraph (NP&T) is working on connecting Kinross’ telephone and Internet lines to New Zealand by Tuesday.

NP&T announced this afternoon that telegram charges would drop to 2 baud (2 old shillings) in the coming week as a result of lower communications costs within Auckland.

Bradford and Kinross have been praised for their proximity to several major amenities, such as restaurants, shopping centres and the Eastern railway line that serves Auckland’s central-eastern suburbs, including Orakei, Glen Innes, Panmure and Sylvia Park.

A power pole and road sign located on the border have been keenly admired by interested parties, with the power pole that supplies the city’s electricity hailed as the “National Line” and described as having “enormous significance” to the power pole aspect of Siroccan culture.

The road sign has been slightly damaged by what is presumed to be passing vehicles on the highway that runs past Kinross, but is otherwise in good condition. Of note is a former logo of the original Auckland City Council located on the sign’s front, which interest groups have said must be preserved at all cost.

Road signs and power poles are protected under the Infrastructure Protection Act 2011, which gives the government the responsibility to do everything in its power to protect any signage or power poles on its territory.

Under Siroccan law, the national capital must be sited wherever the Premier’s permanent residence is located. Alston served as capital between November 2010 and February 2013, and again from November 2013 to February 2014; Havilland served for two brief periods in February and November 2013; and Rathlyn served between February and November 2013, the only capital to serve once.

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