Reinhardt elected to St.Charlian Presidency

AT THE HELM: St.Charlian politician and founding father Alexander Reinhardt, pictured here representing his nation at the 2012 PoliNation conference, was unanimously elected to the Presidency on Monday.

St.Charlie, Feb 21 – St.Charlian politician, founding father and “old boy” of the MicroWiki community Alexander Reinhardt has been unanimously elected to the St.Charlian Presidency, an unsurprising result for an uncertain candidate.

News broke in the St.Charlian Observer this morning that Reinhardt had been endorsed by both his Nationalist colleagues and the Socialist government on Monday, and that he had been elected to the position on Monday nemine contradicente.

Reinhardt had previously served as St.Charlie’s Prime Minister between 2009 and 2011, and again in 2012, as well as holding positions within the nation’s Parliament and the Alvisi government of 2011-12.

Within the micronational community, he is known and respected as one of the oldest and most powerful voices within the MicroWiki sphere. Also of note in his long resume is his work in organising the PoliNation 2012 Conference in London and his help in organising the PoliNation 2014 Conference in Italy later this year.

Speaking to the Observer, Reinhardt said that he had come to understand his popularity and significance within the St.Charlian state, and said that the union of Nationalists and Socialists was beneficial to the nation.

Reinhardt also noted that he will follow a “bacon-and-eggs” policy of professional yet informal relationship with other micronations.

In Sirocco, both Premier Daniel Anderson and the Federal Party had been urging Reinhardt to run for several months, saying it was the final task for his glittering micronational career.

Shortly after Reinhardt’s confirmation he would be seeking the Presidency, Federal issued a tongue-in-cheek election poster urging St.Charlians to “vote #Senpai14” or be considered as “homophobic”.

“Senpai” refers to the micronational nickname of Reinhardt, which was adopted after it was featured in an explicit love story, or “slashfic”, pairing him with King Ciprian of Juclandia last year that was met with equal horror and hilarity from the wider community, particularly after Reinhardt himself read the story aloud to participants of a Skype call the story was shared in.

Anderson lauded the result, saying of Reinhardt that “there is not a soul in St.Charlie that is more well-known or loved than Reinhardt, and I wish my colleague only the greatest of luck in his time as President and I especially look forward to working with him in the future to bring our nations closer together.”

SBC National Radio this morning dedicated the Seeburg version of Bill Haley’s hit Rock Around the Clock to Reinhardt, saying “great music befits a great man.”

Elsewhere in the community, congratulations have poured in, both from within St.Charlie itself and from around the world. Sabia and Verona noted that his election “felt right” and compared it to the ascension of Jonathan I to the Austenasian throne last year, while Serendipity noted that Reinhardt needed only to suspend Parliament and adopt liberal despotism to bring an end to the tongue-in-cheek “Bow Tie War” that has seen the two nations try to out-do each other in terms of suits and ties.

Reinhardt will assume the office from the outgoing James Lunam next month.

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