Bureaucracy expands in Sirocco with passing of Legislative Codes Act

CODED: Date-based identification codes will now be affixed to all Acts of Government following today’s passing of the Legislative Codes Act 2014.
Source: eBay

Bradford, KR, Aug 27/12 Bak – All acts passed by Government will be affixed with date codes following the passing of the Legislative Codes Act 2014 in another step forward for Siroccan bureaucracy.

The Act, which will officially come into force on September 7 (23 Baker) requires every piece of legislation passed to bear a long code based on the Gregorian and Atomic date of its ratification.

For example, the Act, which bears the code “14-08.4 (69/0212-1)” is identified as being the fourth piece of legislation passed in 2014 (14-08.4), having done so in August (14-08.4); while being the first piece of legislation passed in the Atomic year 69 (69/0212-1), having done so on 12 Baker 69 (69/0212-1).

Of curious note is the presence of the Atomic year rendered with three digits. According to Section 2.4 of the Act, this is to eliminate the risk of codes “rolling over” after 31 Julin 99, instead deferring the “roll-over” until 1 Trinity 1000, a date which in the Gregorian calendar corresponds to 16 July 2945.

All acts already passed by the Government will also be affixed with a retroactive date corresponding to their ratification date, with codes issued for acts going back to September 2010 (Baker 65).

Editor’s note: As per the Gazetting Act 2014, the Times is required to announce the passing of all Siroccan legislation.

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