Koss passes federal reform

A NEW KOSS: The Federation of Koss has passed new reforms designed to overhaul the running of government, as well as examine the continued status of the nation within St.Charlie.

Arceu, Koss, Jul 20 · Tri 5 (CWP) – The Government of Federation of Koss, a St.Charlian territory, has passed the 2015 Federal Reform (Reforma Federal), a yearly gubernatorial decree that promotes major improvements and refinement of Kossian politics as well as remind the government of its goals and commitment.

The reform, which is made after a nearly two year hiatus by Kossian Minister of Culture, Lucas Campos, comes as a surprise to many just as Koss is staging a comeback to micronational politics.

Among the main changes, the office of the Governor has given the Ministry of Culture carte blanche in all pending matters the Governor is not able to attend.

This comes as current Governor, Luiza Portes, looks to retire from micronationalism and leave Koss.

The nation’s French and Brazilian territories have been dissolved, as well as the citizenship of persons residing in the former territories. The nation’s capital has been relocated to the territory of Luvietie, near Lisbon, Portugal.

The Reform also calls for the elimination of all inactive citizens, and up-to-date information on all territories controlled de facto by the Federation.

The decree also removes English from its status as an official language, as well as dismantles the position of Burgomeisters and the Ministry of Education.

Governor Portes affirmed the Reform “creates an anti-bureaucratic tone in Koss and [is] for the better of the nation”.

Portes further commented she had “full confidence in the Minister of Culture”.

Amongst its commitments, the Government has vowed to further develop its Innover! campaign and the Papian language, create courses for the state-run Regia Universitatis, and work in partnership with the Royale Bank and Austral Economic Union to expand the Kossian and intermicronational economies.

The biggest surprise of the legislation is a state promise to review Koss’ status as a St.Charlian territory. Due to its cultural differences, especially in language, and administrative differences, many in Koss are questioning if the small micronation should stay with its present status or declare independence.

Campos commented that “Koss may need to follow its own path as St. Charlie follows its own.”

The Minister further added he believed the Reform “provide[s] the basis for an active and prosperous Koss in which [he is] looking forward to working on.”

– Consolidated Wire and Press Service.

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