Koss breaks St.Charlian binds, declares independence

NEWLY MINTED NATION: Koss’ declaration of independence has brought international greetings, but has also further weakened an already dying St.Charlie.

Arceu, Koss, Jul 30 · Tri 15 (CWP) – Nearly after a week promising to review its status as a subdivision, the Government of Koss has declared independence from the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

The Federal Reform of 2015, passed on 19 July, promised a review of the nation’s status as a St.Charlian Federation. After careful examination, the Government of Koss authored the Declaration of Independence.

Lucas Campos, the former First Ambassador of St.Charlie, delivered the Declaration in Portuguese, showing a resolute position and criticizing the Federal Republic’s Italophilia.

This comes as the General Assembly prepares to present a constitutional reform with the promise of activity. Amongst the reason, former Governor Portes cited the “language barrier and overall inactivity.” and former Minister Campos mentioned “the lack of inclusion in debates.”

The Declaration reads “for centuries, nations have taken their words, bullets and silver to their colonizers, with the wish for liberty, autonomy and sovereignty…today, for the second time in its history, Koss does the same, bringing the words of freedom to the Government of the Federal Republic of St. Charlie.” and announces the “independence of the State of Koss”

Campos, a leader in the Kossian independence movement, has showed “excitement” and “looks forward to working in the State”, although no official comment has been made from the new nation thus far.

The declaration does not mention any chosen form of government, although many believe Koss is likely to return to its previous regal government overseen by a Grand Duke.

Intermicronational response has been mostly positive. Sirocco extended diplomatic relations this morning upon the announcement of the nation’s independence, with Premier Daniel Anderson stating his hopes for closer relations between the two in the future.

“Here we have a new nation ready to strike out on its own after the failure of its parent state. We wish the State of Koss all the very best, and trust that it will prosper as it grows.

Anderson also warned St.Charlie that the nation is in a ‘perilous position’, and must make radical changes to stop its now-infamous decline.

The Government of Rudno stated that it “sympathises with the people of Koss and their decision” and “wish[es] them well in their endeavours to come.”

Curator Billy Neil from Erephisia affirmed that “St.Charlie’s inactivity would have stifled Koss’ new growth and Koss will do far better on its own than stuck with a current stagnant micronation”.

Sôgmô Sörgel from Sandus has expressed his “belief Koss’s independence now realises that micronational federations are tremendously unstable when they are without a fervent need to bind states together — especially when those states are geographically, culturally, and politically distant.”

“Furthermore […] once again, it is a testament to a much needed wake up call in terms of St.Charlian activity and it is as well a wake up call for profound constitutional reform in the Federal Republic.”

– Consolidated Wire and Press Service.

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