7.5 magnitude quake, aftershocks strike Sirocco

Update, 2:28am: Civil Defence has amended its tsunami warning. Sandford and Stirling remain on a full tsunami warning; Castor Island, Halvorson, and Watchman Island are on a tsunami watch, as is Blacksands as a result of the 4.2 quake off the west coast at 12:20am.

Havilland, WE, Nov 14 · Gra 30 – A series of earthquakes have woken Sirocco this morning, with Civil Defence urging coastal residents to evacuate to higher ground.

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck near the New Zealand town of Hanmer Springs at 12:02am SDT (11:02am GMT), with a series of strong aftershocks following in the time to press.

A magnitude 4.2 quake also struck 95 kilometres west of Auckland at 12:20am SDT, which was felt in Havilland, Watchman Island, and Blacksands.

Civil Defence has issued a tsunami warning and is urging coastal residents across Sirocco to move to higher ground. The warning includes Castor Island, Halvorson, Watchman Island, Sandford, and Stirling.

The shocks were felt across the country, including Havilland, where long sustained wobbling was felt just after midnight.

The Premier, Mr. Anderson, told the Times that he was awake at the time and felt his chair wobbling, then noticed his desk and mirror wobbling. He said the shaking “seemed to go on for a minute or two.”

Mr. Anderson said he was shaken but safe.

No damage has been reported in northern Sirocco, however there have been as yet no reports from the Lindström region, which contains Hagley province and the territories of Maxia, Sandford, and Trinity.

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