Sirocco and Uskor complete merger

UNITED AT LAST: The new Siro-Uskorian flag combines the former Siroccan and Uskorian flags in a manner similar to that of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Havilland, CA, Apr 1 · Pri 17 – Sirocco and Uskor completed the preparations of nearly six months’ work today to create a merger of the two, known officially as the Commonwealth of Sirocco and Uskora, or Siro-Uskoria.

Preparations for the merger began in November last year, when Siroccan Premier Daniel Anderson and Uskorian Chairwoman Charlotte Lindstrom began discussing a merger of their nations to combat inactivity. In February the two leaders agreed and began drawing up an Agreement of Merger, which came into effect at 4:01 AM Eastern time (3:01 AM Uskorian time) this morning.

Sirocco joins the union as three provinces: Cambria, which replaces the nation’s North Island territory; Stirling, which replaces that of the South Island; and Zona, which remains unchanged.

As part of the merger agreement, the new state has dropped a number of socialist elements formerly used by Uskoria – the national legislature has been renamed to the Commonwealth Parliament, the socialist motto and national anthem have been changed to more neutral replacements, and the political system adjusted to accommodate Sirocco’s different systems and outlooks.

It is understood that some members in the Uskorian government, led by Prime Minister Claire Nymoria, had pressured Lindstrom to retain the socialist system present for some time. Lindstrom refused to grant this as it would have been considered unacceptable by Siroccan negotiators.

As it stands, a number of Uskor’s socialist policies will only apply to Uskor itself, whereas Sirocco will maintain its pro-capitalist stance.

The Siroccan simoleon and the Uskorian credit have both been replaced by a new Commonwealth pound, which is valued at one pound per four simoleons or credits, or a 1:4 ratio.

Premier Anderson retains office as Premier of Sirocco, equal to that of Nymoria as Prime Minister of Uskor. The positions, subordinate to that of the President, former Chairwoman Lindstrom, have been designed to give greater autonomy to the former nations, with the Commonwealth Parliament, and by extension the President, having constitutionally limited authority over the two.

Lindstrom issued a press release at 8:41 am Eastern time (7:41 am Uskorian) stating her pleasure in the smooth transition into one nation.

“You would have to be a fool not to recognise the significance,” the document read.

The Premier’s Office released a short statement this morning, saying that “the first of April will forever be marked on our nation’s calendar as a day of celebration and friendship.”

Sirocco and and the former Zealandia had previously been one state between 28 and 29 January 2011 in response to ongoing political uncertainty in Zealandia.

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