In Auckland, Anderson and Turner Take Part in Historic Meeting

AN HISTORIC MEETING: The Premier, Mr. Anderson (left) met Mr. Turner in Auckland today. It is the first time Mr. Anderson has met a fellow member of the micronational community.

Havilland, WE, Aug 28 · 13 Baker 72 – The first micronational meeting in Siroccan history took place in Auckland today as the Premier, Mr. Anderson, met with former micronationalist Tom Turner for political discussions and museum tours.

Mr. Turner, formerly the President of Rukora from 2009 to 2011, and Secretary-General for the Organisation of Active Micronations from 2010 to 2011, is in New Zealand to study the New Zealand Labour Party’s 2017 electoral campaign. On Friday, he contacted the Premier to suggest a meeting, which was accepted.

The meeting commenced at around 11:20am with a lunch of Mexican food, followed by tours of both the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the New Zealand Maritime Museum.

During the day, the two discussed a variety of topics, including micronational history, world politics, and the upcoming election campaign, in which both will be participating, albeit on different sides.

The meeting concluded at around 5pm, following dinner and drinks.

Mr. Anderson hailed the meeting as “greatly productive and a welcome chance to reflect on the history of our community and discuss our political outlooks.”

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