Reforms Planned as Sirocco Returns to Community

Havilland, WE, Jul 4 · 20 Julin 73 – Sirocco is to undergo a series of reforms as it returns to the community after several years of dormancy, the Premier announced today.

Speaking to assembled media this evening, the Premier, Mr. Anderson, spoke of his desire for Sirocco to once again take part in the goings-on of the micronational world, in which it was last active in 2016.

“Earlier this decade, Sirocco was at the forefront of the community,” Mr. Anderson said, “leading the charge as an active and vibrant micronation to whom many smaller and younger nations looked to, and still do.”

“As we approach the dawn of a new atomic year, and indeed that of a new decade in some months’ time, we may look to the future with hope and pride in our nation. In order to make Sirocco ready for the arrival of the 2020s, it behoves us to put into place a number of changes to modernise the state, while at the same time preserving those qualities that have earned the respect of those around the world who look to Sirocco for inspiration.”

When asked about the proliferation of left-wing politics among younger micronationalists, Mr. Anderson said that Sirocco had “always maintained total vigilance against the tyranny of communism”, and that the country would reclaim its position as “the sentinel against socialism.”

“We are already in discussions with the Wyvernian government about stopping and rolling back the advance of communism in the community,” Mr. Anderson said.

Among the proposed reforms include the dissolution of a number of provinces and dependencies, significant currency changes, a programme of increased legislation, and an overhauling of the foreign affairs system, which the Premier described as “antiquated”.

The “significant currency changes” mentioned by the Premier are believed to relate to a proposal to reform the simoleon to match the pre-decimal £sd system, in use in Australia until 1966, New Zealand until 1967, and Great Britain and Ireland until 1971; under this system, the pound was comprised of twenty shillings, each of which in turn comprised twelve pennies. The simoleon was previously altered in February 2014 to follow a “hybrid” system, whereby the simoleon was split into three units, but which still followed the decimal currency system. The possibility that the simoleon might be renamed to the pound could not be confirmed at press time.

The Times understands that the revival of activity in Sirocco is due to the invitation extended to the Premier by Bradley of Dullahan to join the “MicroWiki@Discord” Discord server, which replaced a number of Skype groups in 2018.

The Premier’s arrival was greeted with excitement by a number of older micronationalists, and shortly after his arrival, it is understood a large number of micronational memes dating back to around 2010 were shared. Also present were a number of younger micronationalists that had joined the community after the previous high point in Sirocco’s activity, around 2015-16.

Considerable attention has been given to the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation, which today announced it would look into rebooting its beloved animated sitcom Micro High. Released between 2011 and 2013, the show followed the high school personifications of a number of nations, and is considered an iconic part of the MicroWiki community’s cultural heritage. A successor to the series, The Community, saw two episodes produced in 2015 before its cancellation.

Several newer micronationalists expressed an interest in taking part in a possible fifth season, although some were unaware of the series’ prevalence when the announcement was made.

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