Hagley Province “Free of Communism” Declares Premier During Tour

FREE PROVINCE: Hagley province (right) hosted the Premier for a tour yesterday afternoon, during which he declared that the province is "free from the tyranny of communism".

North Hagley, HA, Jul 27 · 12 Trinity 74 – The province of Hagley was declared free of communism by the Premier during his tour here yesterday.

The Premier, Mr. Anderson, took a 15-minute walk through the northern part of the province yesterday afternoon, as both a gesture of goodwill and support to the province, and to search for indications of possible communist infiltration.

Mr. Anderson is in Christchurch this weekend to attend a political conference, and chose to visit the province during free time before the commencement of proceedings.

During his tour, the Premier took a number of photographs of the area, ranging from scenic depictions of the north-easternmost part of the province to local birdlife swimming in the Avon River. It was the first time he had visited Hagley since July 2016, and the first time he had visited this part of the province.

Speaking to assembled media, Anderson praised the “resolute fortitude” of the province in withstanding shock after shock, both with regards to earthquakes and the Christchurch mosque shootings on March 15 (31 Sedan 73).

“After examining the province, it is quite clear that there is no communism present within Hagley,” he said. “This province abounds in freedom, and does not bow to the tyranny of socialism.”

A pathway along the western bank of the Avon River between Harper Avenue and Armagh Street was named Dwight Eisenhower Drive, in honour of the 34th President of the United States, who served two terms between 1953 and 1961 (7-15 AE).

As the Premier was due to leave the province, a heritage tram was sighted passing by, which was lauded as an auspicious sight. After a political meeting, dinner was held at a 1950s-themed diner nearby.

The conference continues today and tomorrow. The Premier is due to return to Auckland and Havilland tomorrow evening.

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