Tian Abdurrahman, Chief of Arkapore and Indonesian Micronational Figure, Dies at 25

PASSED: Tian Abdurrahman, Chief of Arkapore, pictured in 2015. Mr. Abdurrahman died on Monday of an unspecified illness.

Havilland, WE, Sep 11 · 27 Baker 74 – Tian Abdurrahman, an Indonesian micronationalist who held a number of different positions, including that of Chief of Arkapore, and considered one of the most important members of the Indonesian sector, died on Monday. He was 25.

Mr. Abdurrahman’s death was announced in a statement issued by Theodorus Diaz Praditya, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM). He had been hospitalised with an unspecified illness in August, before passing on Monday in his hometown of Rancaekek, Bandung, Indonesia. Tributes posted on Mr. Abdurrahman’s Facebook page were initially dismissed as untrue, however contact made by Mr. Diaz with Mr. Abdurrahman’s family later confirmed his passing.

Tributes have been issued from leaders around the world, with the Indonesian sector in particular reeling from Mr. Abdurrahman’s death. In its statement, the AIM said “the Association will honour Tian Abdurrahman’s legacy as one of its legendary micronationalists in a respectable manner. It is our commitment to preserve his legacy for years to come.” Nabil Ihsan of the Suwarnakarta Institute said that Mr. Abdurrahman’s death was a “great loss” to Indonesian micronationalism, and spoke of their friendship.

The Premier, Mr. Anderson, said that “the death of any micronationalist is a terrible loss, and all of Sirocco extends its sympathies to Mr. Abdurrahman’s loved ones at this time”, while Bradley of Dullahan, Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational, said that “the loss of a fellow micronationalist at such a young age is a tragedy”.

A memorial has been established on Mr. Abdurrahman’s MicroWiki page.

Mr. Abdurrahman became a micronationalist in 2011 with the establishment of the Tian Abdurahman Republic, which in 2012 became the Barakstan Federation. In 2012 the federation joined Indokistan, and between July 5, 2013 (21 Julin 67) and January 1, 2014 (17 Argus 68), Mr. Abdurrahman served as the nation’s fifth president. Upon his resignation, he withdrew from Indokistan to establish the new micronation of Arkapore. Tensions remained high between Indokistan and Arkapore for some time, although these ended amicably.

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