Power Shut-Off Leaves Havilland Dark, Quiet for Most of Day

Havilland spends most of Tuesday without power owing to transformer works at the border

BLACKOUT: Lines work left Havilland without power for most of the day, with many city services rendered inoperative until the early evening. (File photo)

Havilland, WE, May 4 · 20 Manhattan 75 – The city of Havilland was without electric power for most of today, after a local transformer was brought offline for maintenance.

An electrical transformer at the entrance to the city was scheduled for maintenance and upgrading by lines authorities, with residents warned that power supplies would be shut off for nearly the entire day.

The city was plunged into an unusually quiet stillness shortly before 8:30am this morning, during the rush hour period.

In addition to domestic electric supplies, the capital’s heating, hot water and internet supplies, reliant on mains power to function, were rendered inoperative. Mobile connections were unaffected.

The electricity supply to the city was restored at around 5:05pm, with radios and lights that had been on at the time of the power cut coming back to life.

In addition to the transformer works, two power poles, including one directly outside the capital, were the focus of linesmen.

The latter pole saw works throughout the day, with a new crossarm and wiring installed. More specific details as to the nature of the upgrade were unavailable.

Linesmen were still working on the pole at press time.

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