Halvorson to be Dissolved, Ceded to New Zealand

Sirocco will return Halvorson to New Zealand after ten years, saying that there is no further need to claim the province

DISSOLVING: The province of Halvorson will be ceded back to New Zealand at the end of next week.

Havilland, WE, May 6 · 22 Manhattan 75 – The province of Halvorson, one of Sirocco’s oldest, will be returned to New Zealand next week, the government confirmed today.

The Halvorson Act 2021 was accepted by the government last night, the provisions of which will dissolve the province and end Sirocco’s claim to the territory.

Sirocco will formally cede Halvorson back to New Zealand at midnight on Sunday, May 16 (1 Nevada).

Those citizens resident in the province will have their citizenship revoked, and any companies, organisations, and local governments extant there shall be dissolved.

The Premier, Mr. Anderson, said that he had not visited the province in nearly ten years, and that it would be unlikely he would ever return. Consequently, there was little reason to continue Sirocco’s “outdated” claim over the territory.

Halvorson was claimed by Sirocco as the nation’s first Territory on Christmas Day 2010 (10 Argus 65), less than two months after the nation’s founding. The province was well-regarded for its beaches, farmland, and native forests, and encompassed two non-consecutive sections: the northern section centred around the town of Otanaki, and the southern section around Commercial Bay.

Halvorson was elevated to provincial status on December 12, 2011 (27 Castle 66) during the Otanaki National Exposition of Sirocco.

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