TRAITOR: Fiori found relaying Andersonian Govt information

Fears of an information leak have been proven after a discovery that the Fioric President has been relaying private governmental information to enemies.

Glorious Dictator-for-Life Anderson is reportedly furious over the discovery that the President of Fiori has been relaying confidential information between the two to third parties.

At a press conference, a visibly enraged Anderson stated that “GDR security has been compromised and diplomatic relations between the two countries have been suspended.”

It is not known the extent of the information leak but it has been confirmed that the Altorfic Republic has received information. This is worrying for the growing friendship between the two countries as this could easily sever relations once more.

Mutual ally Ansonia stated today that “it is a great disappointment that Fiori has been doing this, however we have received information regarding the Altorfic Republic from Fiori in the past.”

Governmental action is expected to be decided on by tomorrow.

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