North vs. South in great sign battle

Alston, NCD, Jan 6 – Roadways SR is today racing to design St.Charlie’s future road signs in an attempt to beat Zealandia to the contract.

An offer put out by outgoing Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt was accepted by both Zealandia and Sirocco, and it is

ROADWAYS’ FINEST: A concept image produced by Roadways SR, which is hopeful it will win the contract to produce St.Charlie’s road signs.

understood tensions began to build over Zealandia’s use of British-style ‘Transport’ signs and Sirocco’s use of New Zealand-style ‘FHWA’ signs. President Barbara Ruvolo of District is said to have been pleased with both styles but was unable to come to a conclusion over who shall get the contract. Both Roadways SR, which is the division of the Ministry of Transport responsible for road upkeep, and Transport Zealandia were given the opportunity to produce signs for St.Charlie, the winner of which will be decided by Ruvolo in the coming days.

The battle intensified quickly between Roadways SR and Transport Zealandia, with the Zealandian government slamming Roadways for not having willing Italian-speaking citizens and for “pinching” New Zealand road signs. The Siroccan government has in turn criticised Zealandia for “bully” tactics and trying to push Sirocco out of the contract bid.

It is not known yet when the decision will be made as to who wins the contract.

HOPEFUL: Roadways SR is producing signs it hopes St.Charlie will adopt.

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