Islands on alert, but Premier says “nothing to worry about”

Alston, NCD, Mar 11 – Today’s major earthquake in Japan has caused a large tsunami to begin crossing the Pacific, which is expected to reach Northland by 6am tomorrow morning.

CATASTROPHE: The Pacific region is on alert after a major earthquake this evening (image courtesy Sydney Morning Herald).

Despite some confusion about the reports, NHK Japan has reported that the Pacific Tsunami Advisory Centre has warned that the tsunami may well strike New Zealand in addition to Australian, China, Russia, Indonesia, Central and Southern America and the United States.

At present count over twenty people are dead.

Premier Daniel Anderson has urged that calmness and civility be observed. He stated this evening that “Castor, Cowan and Watchman Islands are on alert but other than that, keep calm and carry on. Sirocco is safe.”

Due to the low-lying proximity of the aforementioned islands, they may well be struck by the tsunami in coming hours, although it is believed that Watchman Island’s size will protect it in the event of a large series of waves. Eyes are also being kept on Surfdale, NT, where there are concerns over the city’s proximity to a canal.

However, most of Sirocco has been deemed safe in the event of a tsunami, with most territory being well above sea level.

In A1, alerts have been issued by the A1 Weather Bureau over the safety of Cooriengah, Prsänëa and Lichthalzen. Despite the low level risk to these areas, alerts have been issued so that citizens “may still remain vigilant if they are in the tsunami-prone areas at this time.”

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