MicroWiki outage due to drunken administrator

Vodka good, day 81, 22/3/2010, 365/2010

Vodka shots almost led to the abrupt closure of the MicroWiki site early this morning. (Photo credit: Paul Bratcher Photography)

Alston, NCD, Nov 11 – The Times can tonight reveal the reason behind the outage on MicroWiki early this morning was due to a drunken site administrator.

At 9:36 this evening, MicroWiki site owner Pierre d’Égtavie admitted to having “a shot or two of vodka” as a result of curiosity. He then admitted that he “decided that everyone hated [him] and that [he] should close the site”.

He ultimately did not shut down the site, but instead ran what he called a “if you want to close the site run this” script before logging off and taking a bath.

A now sober d’Égtavie reassured members of the Micropolitan Lounge IV Skype chatroom that safeguards against wiki deletion, namely site backups and a private mirror, are in place.

He stated that this morning’s events are the reason why he doesn’t drink. He also acknowledged that he does “go mental occasionally” and that he does have protection against it.

Premier Daniel Anderson said that he was “extremely disappointed in his [d’Égtavie’s] actions”.

“It’s not the sort of behaviour for a site administrator to be carrying on with. If he wishes to try his hand at alcohol then so be it, but he must ensure he stays offline when he does it.”

Zealandian President Hakon Lindstrom said to the Times that “I am very disappointed in the drunken behaviour of Mr von Egtavien, but am relieved that the wiki is fine.”

The wiki was up and running again shortly before 10am this morning. So far no other problems have arisen on the site.

3 Comments on MicroWiki outage due to drunken administrator

  1. This is just not acceptable!!

  2. It may have been a bit worrying, but no harm done. We mustn’t forget all the hard work M. d’Egtavie has put into the wiki over the past two years – he is an incredibly competent admin, and nobody should forget that because of a single mistake.

  3. John, we’re all human, and we all screw up from time to time. Badly. Expecting me not to do stupid things every so often is like expecting the sun not to rise in the morning.

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