Uncertainty over the future of MicroWiki

Alston, NCD, Nov 11 – MicroWiki is facing the threat of shutting down with a peculiar message blocking access to the site appearing this morning.

The site’s owner, Pierre d’Egtavie, appears to be considering shutting the site down within the next fifteen days citing a concern over the future of the site.

d’Egtavie has not been available to anyone for the last several hours.

St.Charlian Prime Minister and site administrator Alexander Reinhardt has offered to buy the site off d’Egtavie to secure its future.

Ultamiyan President David Salapa said “”With the disappearance of our great encyclopedia disappears a lively and diverse community. Regardless, we have already taken the necessary steps to make sure Ultamian history is not lost.”

Premier Daniel Anderson was unavailable for comment to the Times.

We will bring you more as the situation unfolds.

UPDATE: Shortly before 10am this morning access to the site was restored.

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