East on water advisory following drought declaration for Auckland, Northland

Rathlyn, HB, Mar 6 – Sirocco’s eastern provinces are on a water advisory following today’s declaration of a drought across much of New Zealand’s North Island.

Southern Auckland, the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Hawke’s Bay have joined Northland and much of northern Auckland in this year’s drought, one that comes on the back of the driest February in decades and is causing concern across much of the country’s upper north.

Already dry, brown grass has been observed near Rathlyn, and north eastern residents have said that conditions are worsening in areas including Alston, Ridgelow and Kent. Grass in Rathlyn itself is still green, but a change of colour has been noticed.

Premier Daniel Anderson issued a water advisory a short time ago, calling on easterners to cut water usage to try and lessen the effects of the drought across the border.

“We have here a drought that is threatening to strangle Auckland and Northland, and as a micronation we need to give all the help we possibly can to our neighbours.” Anderson said to the Times shortly before 11am NZDT this morning. “I urge everyone in the east to lower their water usage, not just to save money, but to save our dwindling water resources in the light of very little rain. We too may be forced to declare a drought if this goes on much longer.”

Light rainfall on Sunday morning proved inadequate to break the drought.

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