Concern raised over MicroWiki financial shortfall

SHORTFALL: MicroWiki is running a deficit of over §2 3d per month, causing concern amongst site management.
SHORTFALL: MicroWiki is running a deficit of over §2 3d per month, causing concern amongst site management.

SHORTFALL: MicroWiki is running a deficit of nearly §2 4d per month, causing concern amongst site management.

Rathlyn, HB, Oct 20 – MicroWiki site management has expressed concern about a financial gap that is seeing the site run at a more than §2 monthly deficit.

Site owner Pierre d’Egtavie revealed in the Micropolitan IV chatroom this afternoon that average daily views of the site have dropped from a peak of 10,000 per day in March 2012 to an average of 1,400 per day as of midnight London time today.

A site outage also caused daily views to drop below 1,000 on 11 October for the first time since 6 November 2011.

These shortfalls have been causing problems with site income. According to d’Egtavie, MicroWiki is making on average £8 (§9.51 / NZ$15.23), not enough to meet the site’s £10 (§11 9d / NZ$19.04) running costs.

In its three-year history, the site has made over £600 (§714 / NZ$1,142), but some three-quarters of this has been expended on site hosting and maintenance.

The news comes as activity on rival site MicroWikia continues to grow, with most days’ activity outstripping that of MicroWiki.

D’Egtavie, as well as several other wiki users, have pointed the finger at apparent aggressiveness on the part of some site users towards new community members, often prompting them to leave the site and join MicroWikia.

Ashukov MicroWikia migrant Joseph Kennedy backed the statement up, calling the majority of site users “insufferable”.

D’Egtavie has also proposed sweeping changes to MicroWiki in a bid to increase activity and appeal on the site, as well as changing away from current site host HostGator.

Community member Sebastian Linden has proposed using a domain he owns as the host for the site, yet has admitted some size issues may cause problems.

D’Egtavie has confirmed work will begin on the site refresh this evening Rathlyn time.


  • Sub-sites UnMicroWiki and the MicroWiki Archive are to be shut down with selected content moving to the main site.
  • A redesigned home page with news ticker and links to micronational YouTube content.
  • A MicroWiki News Agency to collate micronational news sources from within and outside of the MicroWiki community.
  • A new site host to replace HostGator’s unreliability and rising costs.

3 Comments on Concern raised over MicroWiki financial shortfall

  1. Hahahahahhaha. I know the bad end to org.uk. Now MRA control 2 most influential micronational websites- Micropedia and Microwiki (wikia).
    I am sure this crisis would not be resolved and site would either close to move back to wikia or to Micropedia.

  2. shut the f*** up harsh 😛

  3. I would rather start another wiki without all the drama and sphere of influence held by major micronations

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