Board of Ministers announced

Kingford, NCD, Oct 12 – Premier Daniel Anderson today announced the full list of Ministers who will serve in the Siroccan Board of Ministers from November 5 this year. In alphabetical order, they are:
  • LIVIA AÏROSSER, Minister of Finance
  • ANDREA CARROLS, Minister of Defence
  • JESSE COLES, Minister of Transport
  • CHANELLE GIBSON, Minister of Health and Education
  • TAYLOR PETRELLI, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • ELIZABETH POUNTNEY, Minister of Culture
  • JOHN PRESIDENT, Minister of Sport and Recreation
  • JEMIMA RIDER, Minister of Architecture and Design
  • BUDDY WRIGHT, Minister of Justice
Premier Anderson announced that Minister of Transport Jesse Coles has also been appointed Vice-Premier. Anderson also stated that alongside the office of Premier he shall also hold the portfolio for Minister of Broadcasting.
The Ministers confirmed today will not be able to resign from their positions until December 31, 2010 at earliest.

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