Zona votes to join Sirocco

DOMINION: Zona has voted to join the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco at the last minute

Alston, NCD, Mar 6 – The Zonian Confederacy has made a last-minute decision to join the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco today following a resolution of Zona’s hosting issues.

Over the past few days Zona had been exercising interest in joining a larger nation in the community, and on Sunday night it seemed certain that A1 was going to win against Sirocco, due to their hosting abilities and online storage services.

However a Parliamentary vote today has seen the majority of votes go for Sirocco, who is considered a close ally of Zona. This has been a great surprise for the Premier, who issued this statement a short time ago:

Sirocco is absolutely honoured to have Zona join us. We have always had a close relationship with our South African friends, and now they have decided to join us (in what was a very pleasant surprise), we can ensure an even closer relationship with both nations stepping forward for the full glory of a capitalist state under the Siroccan tricolour.

Zona has voted to reform itself into a “shogunate” style government, with culture drawing from Feudal Japan. All provinces bar Mechin Main, Mechin District and Chide (which will be renamed) and their residents abolished. They will, however, be seen as a “Dominion”, with most of the same status as Sirocco itself, with a few limiting factors.

No date of transfer has been set yet, as a document, known as the Treaty of Dawn, will need to be drafted and signed.

Some confusion has arisen, however, with the status of Sirocco’s broadcasters and media, as legally only the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation and the Sirocco Times have been the authorised media outlets due to Sirocco’s size. The Ministry of Access has said it will look into the issue.

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