Blacksands joins Federal Commonwealth

Blacksands, BD, Apr 20 – Sirocco has expanded its territory today with the acquisition of a new Dependency near Auckland, New Zealand.

The Blacksands Dependency, located at the small West Coast beach village of Bethells Beach, comprises of two sandy beach areas, a small thicket of trees and a river flat. The Dependency’s name comes from the black sand abundant in the area.

Premier Daniel Anderson expressed his happiness at the expansion to the country’s first West Coast territory.

“I’m very pleased that we have acquired the Blacksands Dependency. It is such a varied and wild environment that you cannot help but appreciate how bracing it is. This playground of Aucklanders can now be enjoyed by Siroccans far and wide as a special place to relax and have fun.”

The Ministry of Access has already charted a new highway, the A30, to link the ends of the Dependency.

While the West Coast is notorious for its wild weather along both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, the weather seemed to behave today with only partial cloud and light winds, although the Premier admitted the wind chill was typical of the Coast.

One slight blemish on Blacksands’ appeal is the fact it is now one of Sirocco’s most dangerous territorial possessions – quicksand pockets are located in the Dependency’s northeast.

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