A1, St.Charlie at war, Sirocco joins in

Alston, NCD, Apr 1 – Tensions between A1 and St.Charlie have boiled over this morning with an official declaration of war between the two nations.

The Ministry of Defence is releasing few details at this early stage, but it has confirmed that differing opinions on subjects such as the management of MicroWiki which elevated to a state of war, which came into effect early this morning.

Alexander Reinhardt and Philip Fish have declared war on behalf of their respective nations and it is understood skirmishes have already taken place between the two parties.

Many within the community have been shocked by this development, and some have stated that they want peace and diplomacy immediately, however some parties believe that at this stage, it is not likely. Zealandia has announced its neutrality, amongst others.

However there has been a shock admission by the Premier. At 6:28am this morning, Premier Anderson went live on SBC TV to declare war on both St.Charlie and A1, citing the former’s switch to socialism and the latter’s withdrawal from the community. In the video he cited “a disappointing embrace of socialism and the seemingly isolationalist policy the government has introduced on the part of St.Charlie, and the disgusting display of cowardice on the part of A1.”

It is known that Andrea Carrols, Jesse Coles and Elizabeth Pountney have approved the act of war.

The Siroccan Defence Forces have been put on NOWAA1 alert (the highest), with Alston in lockdown and the warship SNV Einsvier patrolling off Ianson Island.

The Ministry of Defence was unavailable for comment.

3 Comments on A1, St.Charlie at war, Sirocco joins in

  1. Well said! Those damn socialists have no place in our community! Heh. I should have said that much earlier. Finally, we’re allowed to speak our minds! Who here thinks that all green-eyed people are wytches?

  2. It’s great that you’re sharing your opinion, but you shouldn’t declare war. You must know how micronationalists comdemn wars. I still can’t believe St. Charlie and A1, it’s very surprising.

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