Premier releases statement regarding Zealandian situation

Alston, NCD, May 20 – Premier Anderson has released a statement on his opinion towards the current crisis in the Kingdom of Zealandia, in particular towards Sandum espionage, von Linden’s involvement and the problems the crisis is causing in the wider community, including Sirocco. The Times has reprinted the statement below:

Dear citizens of Sirocco and members of the MicroWiki community,

In the past few days, we have seen the Kingdom of Zealandia come close to complete and utter collapse. What started out as simple reforms have escalated into a slinging match of insults, lies, accusations and even arrests. What I don’t quite understand is how on earth this has happened. I was myself present for many meetings of the Zealandian government, and all appeared to be running well until our friend Sebastian von Linden (his current name) began meddling.

Von Linden has admitted that he began arresting people for the pleasure of it and that he is doing it to “get rid of disturbances such as Bradley and Puglisi”. This behaviour is completely unacceptable, and soon we could see von Linden try to take the government for himself, if we are not careful. He has already tried to oust two high-ranking government members, I fear soon that he will turn his attention to the National Peoples Party (NPP), which I currently lead as a member of the Federal Network and the Conservative Union.

I would also like to point out, given my mentioning of the National Peoples Party, that Bradley of Dullahan no longer leads the NPP. He has tried to give the appearance that the NPP has been shut down in order to further the Zealandian Democratic Front (ZDF) and that as soon as the crisis is sorted out, he will return to the NPP. I would like to make it very clear, right here and right now, that he is not the leader and does not “call the shots” for the NPP anymore. After his attempt to shut down the party and move to the ZDF, he was stripped of his title by President Mark Fowler, who gave the leadership to me. Given Bradley’s actions, I have removed him from the party. In my opinion, Bradley has deserted the party and thus no longer requires his party membership.

Sandus’ recent interference in Zealandian affairs also shocks me. Sandus has nothing to do with Zealandian affairs and thus must “butt out”. To lower oneself to espionage is disgusting, and the actions of Will Soergel will do nothing to raise the prestige of himself nor of his nation.

It is not yet known how Zealandia will deal with this latest problem.

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